Vacuumpump Overview

For decades, as a manufacterer to a number of significant US brands in the medical and industrial field, our quality standards are of the highest order.
Thanks to our continued investment in assembly equipment and working practices, we reduce variation and keep tolerances to a minimum enhancing both the quality and lifespan of our products.

The oilfree vacuumpump is a mechanical vacuum pump that can operate without any oil lubrication.
It has characteristics with compact size, easy to install, simple to maintain, easy to move, does not produce soot that not pollutes the environment, a lower total cost solution for ownership. Especially designed for laboratories and medical equipment with higher requirements.

These pumps are utilized in a wide variety of industries for various applications, including molding machines, medical, robotics, vacuum chucking, air sampling, drying processes, central vacuum supply systems, pneumatic conveyors, packaging lines, and clamping systems for CNC machines.

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Vacuumpump/Silent & Oilfree: