Scroll Technology

The Oil-Free Floating Scroll technology system is dual scroll structure with a fully compliant mechanism.
It minimizes frictional wear while maintaining complete sealing contacts between scrolls by allowing the scrolls to operate in near complete dynamic balance of force.

In other words, the orbiting scrolls “float” during operation, and maintain very light contact against the fixed scrolls.
This all provids the scrollpumps clean air technology.


Phase I

Suction process is completed, and gas is sealed off in the intake pockets and scroll compression begins.


Phase II

Compression in progress.


Phase III

Scroll orbits continuously, compression pockets move toward center and discharge is about to begin.


Phase IV

Compression pockets move to scroll center, and compressed gas discharges from center discharge port.


» Aerospace and Satellite
» Automotive Systems
» Clean Integrated air For CNC and CMM Machines
» Cryogenics
» Dental Air & Vacuum
» Food Service
» Fuel Cell systems
» Gas Pressure Boosters
» High & Low Vacuum Pumps
» Industrial Air Compressors
» Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, CO2, and Other Gasses
» Laboratory and Clean Room
» Mass Spectrometry and Leak Detection
» Medical Air, Vacuum and Ventilation
» Steam Expansion and Recompression