What is Tropospheric research ?

The Tropospheric research of the lowest layer of the atmosphere around the earth.
This envelope is made of gas and is called the troposphere.
This troposphere is 9 kilometers to 15 kilometers high above the earth.

We humans live in this layer and that is where the weather is created.
The main research concerning clouds and small particles floating in the air.

These particles are called aerosols.
They are very small, …………we can’t even see them.

Why is this so important ?

Clouds and aerosols are important for the climate.
Climate is all weather,…….. from a very long time.
Aerosols are important to humans.
We breathe in aerosols.
Some aerosols are bad for us.
Aerosols are also in clouds.

How can you research clouds and aerosols?

They research clouds and aerosols with measuring devices supported by Scrollpumps clean air technology.

These devices can measure the properties of clouds and aerosols.
This measuring devices can measure, in laboratories, outside in nature or in cities.

They are measured from the ground.
They are measured from ships.
They are measured from airplanes.
They are examined all over the world, even at the North Pole and the South Pole.
The results are used, among other things, to measure the air pollution in large cities.


This is the layer that is closest to the surface of the Earth.

Pressure & Temperature decreases with altitude.

This is the layer where life exists and where weather occurs,
and tropospheric research is done.