Respirators  (Covid 19)


The World is facing a serious threat in the form of a virus and we at Scrollpumps – Europe are helping medical respirator manufactures by providing them components such as vacuum pump and compressors at reduced rates in helping fight the virus.

The refinement and continual development as well as the expanded clinical application of the mechanical ventilator have been prominent factors in the development and growth of the profession of respiratory care as well as critical care medicine.

The need for mechanical ventilation is a common feature of the patient requiring admission to the intensive care unit (ICU).
Scroll Labs uses a unique floating scroll technology which allows for our pumps and compressors to run quietly while being compact in size and requiring no maintenance.

These innovative scroll pumps don’t require a tip seal compared to conventional scroll pumps as the floating scroll comes slightly in touch with the fixed scroll to provide sealing.
Some of the salient features required in an air pump for such a sensitive application such as a medical ventilator or respirator include low noise and vibration for the comfort of the patient while being highly reliable.

The SVF series scroll pumps are ideal for such applications due to the following advantages:

1.Completely Oil free
2.No maintenance required
3.Low vibration
4. Low noise
5.Compact in size and light weight.
6.Can easily reach pressures down to 1 mbar and less.

We invite all manufacturers to contact us if there is a need for compact compressors / pumps.

We shall offer short lead times and reduced pricing to help bring an impact in the fight against Corona virus!