The Worlds First Tip Seal Free


* Oil-free
* Patent protected Floating Scroll Technology
* Compact design
* No maintenance required
* Pressure-range: 100 to 0,1Pa


* Without Vacuumtechnology No Evolution !



World’s First Tip-Seal Free Scroll Pumps By The Scroll Technology Leaders.

Scroll Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2001 to develop innovative oil free floating scroll machinery.
Ongoing research and development have led to patented scroll pump technology that has radically changed what scroll technology can achieve in a wide range of applications.
We are the World Leaders in Scroll Technology and have emerged with a unique product line.

Scroll features:

The compact and lightweight SVF-series vacuum scroll pumps and SCH compressors are uniquely designed with NO Tip Seals which are standard in all other scroll pumps in the market.

Having no tip seals equates to no maintenance for typical costly tip seal replacements and avoids the generation of significant amount of polymer debris.
The SVF series dry scroll pumps handle moisture and even liquids sufficiently with no ballast valve while maintaining full-contact of scrolls during operation assuring high volumetric efficiency.


The single stage SVF vacuum pump can pull decent vacuum pressure as low as 0.5 Pa(0.005 mbar).
SVF vacuum pumps are applied to analytical devices, freeze drying, vacuum coaters, helium leak detectors, mass spectrometers and other similar vacuum related devices.


The SH-series dry scroll compressors generate a high pressure ratio with outlet pressures up to 35 MPa.
SH compressors applied to natural gas refilling system, gas reclaiming system, hydrogen refilling system and other similar applications.

Examples of our vacuum & compressor  Scrollpumps :

Compressorpump compact SFV 25-07
Vacuumbrake pump SFC 50 OEM
Compressorpump  compact SFV 50-3
Vacuumpomp SVF 20 maintenance free
Vacuumpump SFV 300 oilfree
Vacuumpump SFV 50 Lab configuration

Featers of all our Scrollpumps: