Aerospace industry

Aerospace industry is growing at an astonishing rate.
A great amount of budget in the USA is fueled towards creating eye opening space technologies.

Scrollpumps focuses on the importance of unique solutions for aerospace products.
Our years of research coupled with our robust manufacturing has led giant companies like NASA to work with us on their projects involving recycling of waste water to drinking water for their space missions.

Aerospace Technology  Applications:

  • Air Separation
  • Gas Sampling and Analysis
  • Electronics and Galley Cooling
  • Vacuum Waste System
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation
  • Semiconductor Process Gas Handling
  • Military related development

Our Recommendation

We recommend using the smaller SVF-2,SVF-5, SVF-20 or SVF-50 Vacuum pump for aerospace applications due to their compact size, low weight and ability to reach low vacuum levels.

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