Compressorpump Overview

Compressorpump overview silent & oilfree series used in Industrie | Automotive |  Medical | Robotics  applications.
Slient/Oilfree is the industry leader in oil free air compressor manufacturing, with more experience than any other companies.
An oil free air compressor does not require oil and it is lighter weight and portable.
Quality cannot be compromised if 100% clean and oil free compressed air is a requirement in your industry, this oil free air compressor is optimal for applications where noise and air quality are a concern.

The laboratory, medical, electronic, dental, and food & beverage industries greatly benefit from the piston oil free air compressors because they are quiet and easy to maintain.
Our pressure range is from 2. 5-8 Bar  and the flow range is from 24-350 Lit/min.

Compressorpump/Silent & Oilfree: