High pressure Compressor SH2-250-25

Scroll Labs proprietary floating scroll technology enables the orbiting scroll operating with maximum dynamically balanced forces acting on it.

At high pressure differential between the suction and discharge gases, the net load acting on the moving parts are significantly balanced.

The near perfect sealing of compression pockets formed between mating scrolls which contact each other due orbiting scroll floating motion, raises the gas pressure from suction to high discharge pressure in the form of near perfect isentropic compression, progressively.

The single stage compressor can steadily achieve compression pressure ratio above 200.
The entire running gear is well cooled by circulating cooling oil, at the same time the gas “wetted” passage has limited trace amount oil or completely dry without oil depending on the needs of applications.

Combined SH-30-25 and SH-250-2.5 to form a two stage scroll compressor.
NOTE:  Capable to deliver gas flow of 25l/min at 250 bar.

Applications :

Recycling of waste water to drinking water for their space missions with the Space shuttle

High Pressure compressor pumps

Scrollpumps Technology onboard,
The Space shuttle.


Technical Data: