Hydrogen pumps

Hydrogen pumps , with Patented Floating Scroll Technology for use to build Fuel cell systems.

Oil free and no maintenance, compact size, light and ideal compression device for vehicles
articular design for hydrogen fuel cell system of renewable energy vehicles.

Suitable for 3kW to 5kW fuel cell systems.

OEM versions for renewable energy car manufactures

Hydrogen pump versions:

Fuel cell Pump

Type: SCF-100H2 pump

Application: Hydrogen Re-circulation pumps
Powersupply : 48 VDC
Power consumption: < 350 watt
Leakage Rate : 1 x 10-8 Pa.M3/s
Compression Media : Hydrogen

Fuel cell application pump

Type: SCF-200 pump

Application: Fuel cell systems 3- 5 Kw
Powersupply : 48 VDC
Power consumption: < 500 watt
Ultimate pressure : 0,8 Barg
Pumping speed : 200 l/min