Floating Scroll Technology

The video below exhibits a 2L chamber being pulled down to 0.1 Mbar using our SVF series dry scroll vacuum pump.The vacuum is pulled smoothly and in a short time .The noise of the pump is also low .The fittings are KF-16 for inlet and outlet ports.The pump model is SVF-E1-20C.  For more information about our floating scroll technology, please visit our website – Scroll Labs at   Superior floating scroll dry vacuum pumps are  oil-free and compact. Our pumps are ideally suited for applications in  Medical – Scientific – Aerospace – Cannabis extraction – Semiconductor industries, and much more.  Scroll Labs pumps are an excellent choice to replace diaphragm pumps and rotary vane pumps in virtually all vacuum applications including OEM equipment, laboratory, R&D, medical equipment, GCMS, LCMS, and freeze drying.  Scroll labs was established in 2001 with the sole aim of providing the industry with innovative vacuum producing equipment.Our unique SVF Scroll vacuum pump series is oil free and is designed to offer the users high and clean performance with no maintenance(No tip seals). It is compact and light as compared to diaphragm pumps while producing the same or lower ultimate vacuum(SVF-E3M-20 brings it down to 0.005 mbar) Check out our other videos on YouTube.